Souheil Mattar



Educational Background


1966                                    Diploma in Arabic Literature: Lebanese University.

1969                                    Proficiency in Arabic Literature: Lebanese University

1970                                     Diploma in History: Lebanese University


Professional Experience

1980 -                                   Academic Professor at Notre Dame University

-----                                     Appointed advisor to the Minister of National Education (Boutros Harb – Rene Mouawad – Issam Khoury)

-----                                     Appointed by the Lebanese President Rene Mouawad as his special advisor during his tenure that ended with the martyrdom of President Mouawad.

---- till present                      General Director of Public Relations at Notre Dame University and Advisor to the NDU President



February 1982                       A Silent Reading in Her Eyes

January 1986                         Resting Under the Shade of her Eyes

January 1986                         We are Still on a Date

January 1986                         To you I Write, My son

1991                                      Mother… My Lovely  (Dar Al Moufid)

1991                                      Al Akhtal Al Saghir  (Dar Al Mashrek)

May 1994                 ….More Than a Pope (NDU Publications)

2004                                      Here  Lord, I Pray (NDU Publications)

2004                                    Dearest Friends, From the Heart to the Heart (NDU Publications).


2004                                      “As the Proverb Said” (NDU Publications)

2005                                    Notre Dame University - The Dream and The Truth (1978 – 2005) (NDU Publications).

2007                                      The Book of Love in Wartime


Research and Criticism:

-                                          Participated in the new Academic Curricula along with the appropriate books for the following school levels:

                                                                 - Intermediate level

                                                                 - Baccalaureate level


2000                                    Appreciation of Arabic Literature (Academic Book) (1992 – Dar al Moufid) (NDU Publications)



Hundreds of lectures, speeches and researches that have been publicized in newspapers and magazines.

Interviewed several times on T.V.

Participation in various research workshops and conferences.


Awards and Honors:

1982                                    Accorded the Knowledge Medal from the Lebanese President Amine Gemayel


2000                                      Accorded Said Akl Award


2004                                    Accorded Cedar Medal from the Lebanese President Emile Lahoud