Address of the Foundationís President



The huge challenges facing our Arab Society on the level of human and pedagogic development, the important role played by the future studies in preparing the way for future generations, manís conscience and awareness of the necessity of preparing and qualifying for the change processes, pointed clearly that the future is the most important aspect in the life of humans.


The need is urgent for joining efforts, mobilizing resources, collecting potentials in order to limit as much as possible interlocked crises which prevail over our Arab Society and to uplift it.


For this reason, we undertook the establishment of the Development, Studies and Pedagogic Clinic Foundation in the hope of offering some help to our society in the fields of human and pedagogic development provided that it should seek objectives and aims that are capable of meeting the needs of the Society.


This modest endeavor may have been preceded by attempts which illuminated certain venues of that road but these subjects are still in need of additional and constant efforts, and continuous hard work in order to strengthen their roots and consolidate them


Development of knowledge and advance of science should be met with a comprehensive educational and development strategy which help in integrating the various aspects of human activities, whether economic, educational, social and cultural under the motto of universal human development in order to create humans capable of performing an effective role in the building of Society. We aspire that this Institution will contribute in this field of activities which form in itself a human and Arab message launched from Lebanon where the Alphabet to the World was invented.




Adla Siblini Zein



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