The Foundationís Objectives



Laying down studies, and preparing researches concerning human development††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† in all its fields.


Coordinating with international and local organizations to realize a sustained human development in Lebanon and outside it, for the sake of refining skills, thinking and human innovations according to international standards.


Laying down studies and strategic plans for educating people in preserving true citizenship, fostering education for the sake of sustained development.


Studying educational and pedagogic curriculae, ways and means for their application and drawing up strategic plans for their promotion in order to realize excellence in pedagogy.


Studying the conditions of pedagogic establishments, drawing up strategic plans for the resolution of their problems, studying integration of those persons in need in schools.


Laying down studies and consultations for the sake of development of pedagogic and educational establishments in line with the modern technologic advances.


Laying down studies and consultations for the construction of schools of every kind according to modern pedagogic and educational principles.


Studying and giving opinions about the existing potentials which should be ensured in pedagogic and educational establishments in the field of advanced information technology.


Training and capacity-building of directors to lead pedagogic and educational work in schools.


Training and capacity-building of teachers in following modern methods in teaching.


Training and capacity-building of persons on the modern methods in eliminating analphabetism, educating old aged in the modern methods in informal education.


Laying down studies and plans for out-of-school activities and linking them to educational curriculae in order to develop the educated persons capabilities.


Preparing studies for the development of educated people capacities, their academic and professional orientation according to the needs of the labor market.


Organizing training courses in all out-of-school activities, involving Civil Society and all classes of the Society in these activities.


Holding conferences and organizing lectures on all issues that serve capacity-building of directors, teachers and intellectuals.