Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is formed of specialists in pedagogy, education, planning, human development, training and pedagogic administration for all educational and pedagogic stages, pre and post university.


1-  Dr. Ibrahim el-Hage (Lebanon)

PhD in Mathematics (Algebra).

High Studies Diploma in Information (France).

Dean of the College of Sciences at the Lebanese University (Formerly).


2-  Dr. Ahmad Sanjakdar (Lebanon)

PhD in Sciences Teaching Methods (France).

Chairman of the Colloquium Section at the Directorate General of the Higher Education.


3-  Dr. Ameen Makki Madani (Sudan)

PHD in Comparative Criminal Law  (Edinburgh University, 1970)

Law Office (Krib-Madani) in Khartoum – Sudan as from 1978 till date.

Representative of the U.N. Regional Office and the Higher Commission for Human Rights in the Arab Region, Beirut-Lebanon as from 2002-2004.

President of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and Member of the Trustees Council (Cairo, 2004).

President of the Human Rights Association in Sudan Directorate 2008.


4. Mr. Bughaleb el-Attar (Morocco)

Writer, Man of Letters and Journalist

Secretary General of the Journalist Union in the Spanish Language (formerly)

Member of the Moroccan Writers Union

Member of the National Press Federation

Member of the Spanish Moroccan Friendship Association

Advisor to the Municipality of Greater Casablanca


5. Judge, Counsel Tahany el-Gebaly (Egypt)

Deputy President of the Higher Constitutional Court (Arab Republic of Egypt).

Diploma of Public Law (Diploma of Pedagogy and Childhood Studies) (Arab Republic of Egypt).

Law Expert and Training Consultant in Human Development (Formerly).


6- M. Jamil Daher Malak (Lebanon)

Licence in Law from the Lebanese University.

Member of the Committee for Unification of Social Security Terminology at the Arab Labor Organization in 1984.

Financial Director at the Social Security Directorate – Director of diseases and maternity section (Health Insurance)

Expert in social security at the Arab Center for Social Insurance – Khartoum – Affiliated to the Arab Labor Organization since 1984 (The National Fund for Social Security).

Deputy President of the Federation of Public Establishments and Autonomous Agencies) Federation established at the General Labor Union in Lebanon).


7-  Dr. Rida Ismaïl (Lebanon)

PhD in Curriculae Development (France).

Pedagogic Expert who contributed in Monitoring Development of Sociology, Mathematics, Sciences and the Arab Language in Lebanon and some Arab Countries.



8-  Dr. Zouheir Hatab (Lebanon)

PhD in the Family Sociology (France).

Director of the Social Sciences College at the Lebanese University (Formerly).

Professor in the Social Sciences Institute at the Lebanese University.


9- Judge Salman Issa Siyadi (Bahrein)

M.A. in Legal Sciences

Ex-Director General of Legal Affairs with the rank of Deputy Minister.

Member of the Kingdom of Bahrein Constitution Preparation Board.

Member of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Social Insurances and the Pension Fund.

Member of the Constitutional Court.


10-  Dr. Suad Fateem (Egypt)

PhD in English Litterature (Britain).

Member of the Egyptian Council for Education.

Member of the World Women Federation.

Expert and Pedagogic Consultant.


11- Professor Souheil Mattar (Lebanon)


Higher Studies Diploma in the Arab Language and Literature (Lebanese University).

License in History.

Advisor to the President of Luwaizeh University (Director General of Public Relations).


12-  Dr. Abdulgader Elatrash (Libya)

PhD in Economics (Belgium).

Secretary General of the Ministry of Pedagogy and Education in the Libyan Jamahiriyah (Formerly).

The Regional Coordinator for UNESCO Modern Pedagogic Program in the Arab Countries (EIPDAS) (Formerly).

Regional Pedagogic Director of UNESCO in the Arab Countries (UNEDBAS) (Formerly).



13- Dr. Abdel-Raouf Sinno (Lebanon)


     PhD in Modern and Contemporary History (Germany).

Specialization Diploma in Higher Education and International Development.

Dean of the College of Education of the Lebanese University (Formerly).


14- Mr. Abdel Karim al-Khalil (Lebanon)

Diploma in Legal Studies (Lebanese University)

License in Political and Economic Sciences.

Secretary of the Lebanese Press Union (Editor-in-Chief of the Economic Magazine “Al-Muasher”.


15-  Professor Abdo al-Kahy (Lebanon)


Sociology Housing, Pedagogic Planning and Pedagogic Administration.

University Professor.

Coordinator at the Lebanese Center for Societal Researches (Luwaizeh University).



16- Mrs Ghina’ Haidar Ali Abdullah al-Mikdad (Yemen)

Licence in the Religious Law and the Civil Law (Sana’a University).

Member of the Legal Network of Arab Women and the Network’s Coordinator in the Yemeni Republic.

Legal Trainer accredited by a number of organizations and active participant in a large number of local and international conferences, seminars, and workshops in the domain of human rights and support of the democratic orientation in the Arab Region and advocate in woman’s cases.

Participant in several workshops and work seminars about human rights, violence against women, defense of male and female juvenile delinquents and prisoners in front of courts and prosecutions.

Head of the Legal Department at the Yemen Women Union.


17- Dr. Fadi Geoges Comair (France)

PhD in Physical and Mechanical Energy Engineering (Claude Bernard University, Lyon-France).

Diploma in Administration and Economy (Harvard University, U.S.A).

Director General of the Litani River Office (Formerly).

Director General at the Ministry of Water and Electricity Resources.

Chairman of the Lebanese Association for International and Environmental Waters.


18- General Dr. Fadl Daher (Lebanon)

PhD in Criminal and Penal Sciences.

Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior (Formerly).

Member of the Board of Nayef Security Sciences University (Formerly).


19-  Professor Dr. Falah Abdullah Al-Mudaïris (Kuwait)

PhD in Political Sciences (Oxford)

Professor of Political Sciences at the College of Political Sciences (University of Kuwait)

Member of the Association of Kuwaiti Red Crescent

President of the Committee of Defense of Opinion and Expression

Member of the Press Association


20- Professor Leyla Rayes (Lebanon)

Educational License in the French Language and Literature (The Lebanese University).

Competence Certificate in Teaching French Language and Literature.

President of the French Language and Literature Section at the Islamic Makassed Benevolent Society Schools.


21-  Dr. Najla Nseir Bachour (Lebanon)

PhD in Pedagogic Sciences (St. Joseph University).

Professor at the Pedagogic College in the American University, Beirut.

Pedagogic Consultant in Premature Education and Pedagogic Methods at UNESCO and UNICEF.



22-  Dr. Hicham Zein Eddine (Lebanon)

PhD in Theatrical Arts.

Member of the Council of Specialists at the Pedagogic Center for Researches and Development.

Lecturer Professor at the Lebanese University.


23- Mrs.  Hana’ Ghazi Bideiwi (Iraq)

B.A. in Teaching the English language.

Representative of the American Hobby Organization for Youth Capacity Building in the Iraqi Republic.

Leader in training managers

Expert in online communications for downloading researches.


24-  Dr. Youssef Sader (Lebanon)

PhD in Pedagogic Planning.

Member of the Council of Specialists at the Pedagogic Center for Researches and Development.


25-  Lawyer Omar Zein (Lebanon)

License in Law (Lebanon)

Secretary of the Bar Associated in Beirut (Formerly).

Assistant Secretary General of the Arabs Lawyers Union.

President of the Advancement of Arab Woman at the Arab Lawyers Union.

President of the Constitutive Congress of the Arab Female Lawyers Forum


26-  Professor Adla Siblini Zein (Lebanon)

License in Education in Natural Sciences (Lebanon).

Director of Secondary Education (Formerly).

Lecturer and Pedagogic Consultant.

Vice-President of the « Family Rights » Network.

President of the Development, Studies and Pedagogic Clinic Foundation.