Curriculum Vitae




Academic Degrees

BA History and Teaching Diploma, American University of Beirut, 1967.

MA. Education, American University of Beirut, 1971.

Ph.D. Education, St. Joseph University, Beirut, 1994.


Teaching and Teacher Training

Taught English at the secondary level, in Jordan and Beirut. (1967-1969)

Lecturer in the Department of Education at the American University of Beirut since 1985 includes supervising students’ research projects.

Coordinator of Early Childhood In-service Training Workshops for teachers in the Division of Education Programs, at the American University of Beirut, since 1989.  The number of workshops conducted until March, 2008 is 68, of which 61 were in Beirut, 3 other areas in Lebanon, 1 in Amman, Jordan, and 3 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. These workshops ranged from 2 to 18 days (titles in following section).  Instructed in 3 workshops for elementary school teachers at AUB on integrated curriculum and children’s literature.

Conducted one day workshop on the use of educational games for teachers in children’s Cultural Center in Sharja, UAE, 1992.

Conducted a three days workshop for Early Childhood Teacher on the use of instructional material, in 1990, in Bahrain.

Conducted one-day workshop for teachers and children on the use of instructional material in Arabic for language and culture acquisition, using Tala products at Arabic Club, London 1993.

Conducted a one-day workshop for teachers in private schools on the use of Arabic instructional material for active learning, within the regular program as well as extra-curricular activities, in Dubai, 1994.  This workshop included three days of supervised practical applications with students on Tala products.

Instructed in a training program on active learning and extra-curricular activities for teachers in Syrian schools, Lathiqia, 1995.

Held three workshops on developing creativity as part of the program of training for teachers conducted by The Jordanian Education Forum, in Amman, 1996, 1998.

Coordinated a ten-day training program for Early Childhood Education Teachers in South Lebanon (Tyre) sponsored by Organization: Les Enfants Refugee du Monde.

Conducted one day workshop for Early Childhood educators on New Curriculum in Lebanon, organized by Arab Resource Center, Beirut, December, 1998.

Conducted one day workshop for teachers and coordinators of early childhood level in Al-Mabarrat Association, on using children’s literature in an integrated curriculum, based on Tala books, Beirut, December,1999.

Conducted a one day workshop for Arab teachers on the use of Tala instructional material to introduce the Arabic language and culture to children, Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland, February, 2000.

Conducted a five day workshop for Early Childhood teachers and coordinators in private schools, joined in Jordanian Education Forum, on Implications of New Brain Research on ECED, Amman, Jordan, September, 2000.

Conducted a five days workshop in Qatar for the supervisors in the Ministry of Education and head teachers in private schools, organized by UNESCO Regional Office in Learning Center, Doha, November, 2000.

Conducted a sixteen days program of workshops for supervisors and teachers of  about 30 KGs, on Classroom Management,  organized by Al Mabarrat Society,  Beirut, March – June, 2001.

Participated in planning and lecturing in a training program for teachers, on working with children, organized by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, Brummana, September,4, 2001.

Conducted a series of workshops for KG teachers and coordinators, for the three classes in that level, at the Kingdom Schools in Riyadh , 2000-2003.

Participated in conducting two, three-day training workshops, on integrated curriculum, for elementary school teachers in Upper Egypt, Menya, organized by Educational Resource Center-Washington, Jan/Feb. 2001, and three , three-day training workshops in Al Fayyoum and Menya, 1-13, August, 2002.

Conducted a four- day workshop, on Implications of Findings of  New Brain Research on ECED, in Amman – Jordan organized by Orthodox Cultural Society for early childhood teachers in its schools, Jan. 2002.

Conducted four five-day workshops for Qatar elementary school teachers and principals on educating for children’s rights, Doha, April, 2004 and February 2005.

Conducted one day workshop for librarians in public libraries on literature and related children activities, Assabeel Public Library, Beirut Municipality, Feb. 2005.

Conducted a five-day training workshop for lecturers and professors of the Education and KG section at King Saud University, in Riyadh, September 3-7, 2005.

Conducted a three days workshop for librarians in Lattikiyya, Syria. In cooperation of Rainbow Association, June 2006.

Conducted two five –day workshops, organized by Education Reform Program for early childhood teachers in three Egyptian districts, on the newly designed curriculum, Cairo, Feb, July, 2006.

 Conducted a one day workshop on Teaching the Arabic language and Culture through stories and play, for teachers of Arabic Schools in London, Nov. 2007.


Curriculum Committees

Member of Curriculum and Examinations Committee in the Department of Education, American University Of Beirut, 1989-1993.

Participated in Arab Resource Workshop held in Cyprus 1995, which issued a statement regarding Principles of Early Childhood Education in Arab countries.

Member of committee established by the Center of Educational Research and Development, Ministry of Education to draw an official curriculum on Early Childhood Education in Lebanon, 1996.  Continued to work on teacher’s Manuel (theoretical and practical) and children’s kit, in application of the curriculum completed March 1998.

Drew educational programs for Ministry of Social Affairs, (1) for training Early Childhood Education teachers.  (2) Developing education sector in the ministry’s multipurpose centers 1996, 1997.

Evaluated curriculum drawn for vocational training centers for TS and BT Diplomas in Early Childhood Education, by Ministry of Vocational Education, 1998.

Coordinator of AUB Preschool Committee for establishing Kingdom Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which included drawing a whole curriculum, in form of thematic units for three classes, including, objectives, content and activities accompanied by three files of  worksheets. 

Participated in a five day seminar of Arab specialists to evaluate a curriculum designed by ALECSO and ISISCO for Kindergartens in Arab countries, Sharja, UAE, June 2005.

As an International consultant, supervised and participated in drawing a curriculum + worksheets + stories, for Early Childhood,  as part of the Education Reform Program, in Egypt ,in collaboration with EDC Washington , 2005-2006.



UNESCO consultant for Early Childhood Education - missions Lebanon 1987 and Qatar, 1988 and 2000.  Qatar Reports included a survey of KG.s’ situation and a two-fold proposal for both reform and reconciliation between Qatar Ministry of Education and UNESCO.

Consultant for Ministry of Education in Bahrain for Early Childhood Education, report included programs for teachers’ training, 1989.

Consultant for UNICEF, Lebanon Office, for Early Childhood Education, 1992/1993. Attended workshop for UNICEF regional office in Jordan, 1993 in that capacity. Also consultant for UNICEF Parenting Project in Early Childhood Education, Lebanon 2001/2002.

Consultant for developing children’s Cultural Center in Sharja, 1996 as AUB faculty.

Education consultant for French Organization: Les Enfants Refugee du Monde, for training early childhood teachers, 1998.

Consultant for Ministry of Social Affairs for developing multipurpose centers, in deprived areas, 1994.

UNESCO Regional Consultant for Early Childhood Education, mission in August-September, 2001, drawing a regional project for training trainers of Early Childhood professionals. The mission included visiting three Arab countries, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, with the director of Child and Family Section in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, August, 2001.

Consultant for designing one year activities through Nour and Noura children’s magazine, for enhancing and acquiring concepts, in health, environment and citizenship, organized by Balamand University , Lebanon, July ,2002- 2006.

UNESCO consultant for drawing and implementing an educational program in Qatar schools on the rights of the child , to be addressed to children, teachers and parents, mission started August 2003. Designed and wrote  four items of the program including: two guides, one for teachers and one for parents, activity cards for students and one poster, plus training school faculties 2004-2005.

Consultant for Early Childhood for Lebanese Higher Council for Childhood, written a report on present situation of related institutions, programs and training manuals, Beirut, 2004-2005.

International Consultant of Early Childhood Education for EDC- Washington, in Egypt, which includes drawing a curriculum for KGs in 7 districts, designing assessment tools for children, teachers and program, and conducting teacher training.

Consultant for UNRWA in Lebanon , conducted a Needs Assessment Study on KGs in Palestinian community in Lebanon and accordingly drew a plan of action to upgrade these KGs within an EU project for reforming education among Palestinians., May- July 2008.



Design and Production

 Founded Tala Establishment for Educational Aids and Instruments in 1984, and is directing it ever since.

Designer of educational games and instructional material, including posters, recorder cassettes, boards and maps dealing with various topics, especially addressed to children from 3-12 years of age. 


Awards and Prizes

Was awarded first prize for cultural production for children  for the design of the encyclopedic educational game, “A Tour in Lebanon”, by Beirut Arab Book Fair, December, 1993.

Was awarded a prize in Sharja Book Fair, November,1994 for the cassette and book, “Our Songs”.

Was awarded a medal for contribution to Arab children's culture by Sfakess Children's Book Fair, Tunisia, March, 1997.

Was awarded an honorary award by UNESCO-Paris, for children’s literature that address tolerance, for two children’s books “My Brother is Different” and “My Friend on Wheels”, December, 2000.


Research and Publication


“Distortion of Arab Education in Occupied Palestine”, Beirut, 1971.

“Arab Unity and the Palestine Problem in Arab School Curricula (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan)”, Beirut, 1974.

“Lebanese Women, Conditions and Problems”, Beirut, 1975.

Co-written text book for ALECSO (Arab League for Education, Culture, and Science Organization) on history and geography of Palestine, 1983.

5. A KAP Survey (Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices) on Lebanese teachers of Early Childhood Education, carried out for UNICEF, 1993.

6. “Early Childhood Education in Lebanon, a Field Study in Cultural Diversity”, Beirut,


7. Coordinator and co-written research book, “Preschool in Lebanon”, Lebanese Association for Educational Sciences, 2002.

8. “ Teacher’s Guide : for Utilizing Literature across curriculum” Tala Establishment,2003.

9. “ Teacher’s Guide , for Child’s Rights”, UNESCO, Higher Council for Family, Ministry of Education , Qatar, 2004.

10. “ Parent’s Guide , for Child’s Rights”, UNESCO, Higher Council for Family, Ministry of Education , Qatar, 2004.

11. Wrote one chapter on “Socialization” in reference book entitled Population Education, published by Society of Family Planning, 2005. 


Children’s books


My Book Series (ages 2-5),Tala Establishment, April 1999

“I love”

“Me and My Friend”

 “I Fear”

“I Wear”

“My Brother is Different”

“My Friend on Wheels”

Two Friends Series (ages 5-8), Tala Establishment, January 2002

Two Friends”

Lama’s cup”

A Drop of Water and colours”

“The Round Guard”

 “The stubborn Bud”

“Welcome Lina”

"A Special Day"

“ the Coloured Bubble”

   Hanin Series (ages 7-12), Tala Establishment, 2004

“Majed’s Chest

The Photo Album

A Whisper in Jerusalem

 “ Suha and Mariam

Colour of  El Fawakheer

“The Palm of the Feast”

Rana and Nadeem Series ( ages 9-12) ,Tala Establishment, 2007

" For Whom is the Scarf on the Tree"

" Where is the Blue Tit"

" What Do the Columns Whisper"

Hikayat Zein Series ( ages 1-6) ,Tala Establishment, 2008

"Why Can't I see what they see"

"My Grandfather and Grandmother do everything for Me"

"What is that Shining"





Membership in Educational and Cultural organizations


Lebanese Association for Educational Sciences- member.

Dar Al Nadwa – member of the Board of Directors.

National Association for the Education of Young Children, Washington- member.                                                                                                                                                                  4.        Friends of Reggio Emilia Association, Italy-member.

     Al Huda Society for Social Care-Nasma Learning and Resource Centers- President.

     National Association for Social Care and Vocational Training – President.

    Member of UNESCO International Committee for Prize on Children's Literature  

    For Tolerance, 2003.

 8.     Member of General Reading Committee, Ministry of Culture, Beirut, since 2006.


Papers and Lectures

Attended many pan Arab and international conferences, on women children’s literature and culture, and education. Presented papers in those conferences, presented lectures in special occasions and published researches in periodicals and jointly published books.

“Educational toys for socialization”, Al-Mustakbal El-Arabi, July 1989.

“Children’s Literature” Palestinian Encyclopedia, 1989.

“The Educational Role of Popular Heritage”, a lecture presented in Sharja Cultural Department Seminar on “Heritage and Children’s Culture”. February 21, 1992.

“Our Language and Culture to Face the Challenges of Modernity”, a lecture presented at Arab Club, London, May 1993.

A study on “Educational Material for Arab Children”, for ALECSO, April 1993.

Paper on “Early Childhood Education in Lebanon”, submitted for UNESCO-UNICEF seminar, “Education for All”, Beirut Dec. 1993.

Field study on “Children’s culture in Palestinian camps in Lebanon”, for ALECSO, 1995.

“Children’s Cultural Material and the Sense of Belonging to Lebanon”, a lecture presented in Baaklin National Library, March 1995.

“Our Children and the Cultural Identity”, a lecture presented in Al-Muntada Al-Thakafi, Beirut, March 10, 1995.

“Beijing Conference for Women: Educational Perspectives”, a lecture presented in Education Department Forum, AUB, November 24, 1995.

“Introducing Heritage in Children’s Literature”, paper presented to conference on “Children and Books”, Tunisia, May, 1997.

“Our Children and the Mother Language”, a lecture presented in Al-Kulliyah Al-Ja’afariyah.  Tyre, May 24, 1997.

“A Personal Experience in Contributing to Childhood’s Culture”, paper presented in Amman Conference on Children’s Literature, by Ministry of Culture. September 28, 1997.

“Women in Lebanon, an Educational Perspective”, a paper presented in conference on “Women in Lebanon Partners in Forging the Future”. Organized by University of Washington and Rene Maawad Foundation, Washington, November 7, 1997.

“Educational Principles for Family Safety”, paper presented to Sixth Conference for the Lebanese Family, Beirut,  March 3, 1993.

“Enhancing Creative Thinking”, keynote speech in Amman Education Forum for Private Schools,  April 29, 1998.

“Enhancing Creativity in Early Childhood Education”, a presentation in Department of Education at University of Bahrain, November, 1998.

“Integrating Health Education in the New Lebanese Curriculum”, paper presented to debate on Health Education, Education Forum, American University of Beirut, February 1999.

“Transmitting Arab Culture, A Condition for Development”, a lecture presented to Arab community, Sanabel, Lausanne, and Arab School in Geneva, February 1999.

“Children’s Educational, Cultural and Communication Industry in Lebanon”, a study written for ALECSO, through Lebanese UNESCO Commission, 1999.

“Training Teachers in Kindergarten level - Lebanon”, paper presented in conference on “An Outlook to the New Curriculum”, organized by The Lebanese Association for Educational Sciences, May, 1999.

“Lebanon, Education and Culture”, a presentation for professors in the Department of Education ,Vestfold College, Borre, Norway,December 2000.

“Motherhood and Educational Challenges”, paper presented in conference on “Motherhood facing Challenges”, Dubai, February,2000.

“Arab Children’s Book Industry”, paper presented in seminar on Children’s Book Industry. Arab Cultural Society , Amman, February, 2002.

"Arab Children's Literature", paper submitted to Sixth Asia Convention for Children's Literature, Dalian, China, August 21-25, 2002.

“Socialization”, Chapter in Book on Population Education, Lebanese Society for Family Planning, Beirut, 2005.

“ Electronic Games, Negative or Positive Impact”, article in The Educational Journal, published by the  Center For Educational Research and Development, Ministry of Education , Lebanon, 2005.

“Sciences in the Heart of Literature”, paper presented in the International Seminar on Science Books for Children, Sfax, Tunisia, March, 2005.

“Developing Love to Arabic through Children’s Literature”, lecture presented to Arab community in Geneva, organized by the Arabic School in Geneva and Sanabel  in Lausanne, April, 2005.

“Developing Research and Critical Thinking Skills”, paper presented for Seminar about Family Education for the twenty First Century, organized by ALECSO, ISISCO, and Kuwaiti Society for Arab Childhood Progress, in Oman, July 2006.

“Developing Citizenship in Times of War”, article in Educational Journal, Center for Research and Development, Ministry of Education, Lebanon, Nov. 2006.

“Mother Language- facing the challenges “, paper presented to the International Conference on Mother Language in the age of Internationalism, Doha, Qatar, Feb. 2007.

"Children's Rights in Lebanon- A Controversial Issue", a lecture presented in University of Connecticut, USA, within UNESCO Chair Program, March 2007.

"Children's Literature in Lebanon – Vague Identity", a paper presented to Seminar on Children's literature and Reading in Lebanon organized by Anna Lindt Foundation in cooperation with Al Huda Society for Social Care, Beirut , July 2007.

"Children Learn, Adults Scaffold", paper presented to seminar on Children's Books in the Early Years, organized by Tunisian Publishers' Union, Tunis, March 2008.

" A Review of Jerusalem Memories of Serene Shaheed", a paper presented in the Forum" Palestine in Our Memori", organized by the Palestinian Cultural Forum in AUB Alumni Club,May, 2008.

Titles of Teacher Training Workshops

As a coordinator, organized and participated as a lecturer in programs of workshops for Early Childhood Education teachers and coordinators.

Use and design of instructional material in Early Childhood Education (E.C.E.).

Play in E.C.E.

Integrated curriculum in E.C.E.

Designing thematic units in E.C.E.

Developing creative thinking in E.C.E.

Organizing the learning environment in E.C.E.

Developing values in E.C.E.

Social Sciences in the integrated curriculum of E.C.E.

 Integrating math and science in E.C.E. programs.

Literature as a base line for an integrated curriculum in E.C.E.

Boards in E.C. classrooms.

Children as Young Researchers: the Reggio Emilia Approach in E.C.E.

New Brain Research Findings and their implications to E.C.E.

Sciencing through Literature.

Children’s Literature across the curriculum.

Pattering for Meaningful Learning.

Classroom management in Early Childhood Education.

Educating for Children’s Rights.

Active Learning for Children’s Rights.

Library Activities for Children.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Writing Stories with Children

Games for learning Arabic