Name: Hicham Zein Eddine

Date of Birth: 15/3/1968

Nationality: Lebanese


Educational Background:


Doctorate degree (PhD) in Theater Arts

Masters degree in Theater Direction


Current Employment:


Lebanese University (LU):

Faculty of Education & Fine Arts Institution

Professor of Theater Arts


Educational Center for Research and Development (ECRD)

Fine Arts Specialist

Editor-In-Chief for Educational Magazine-Lebanon



Work Experience:


Founder and Manager of the Lebanese Educational Theater Group (2001-2004).

Owner of many articles and research projects circulated in the Lebanese newspapers and journals related to arts, education, and culture.

Responsible of the educational television at ECRD.

President of the Theater Educational Committee at the educational curriculum amendment project at ECRD.

Head of Educational Theater Department at the Faculty of Education (LU).

Director of many documentary films to Ministry of Culture and LBC television.

Consultant at the Alfa-b TV specialized in education and illiteracy (2005-2006).

Writer and director of “Bayt lkel” educational theater (2001).

Writer and director of “Lyawm Zghar w Bokra Kbar” educational theater (2003).

Writer of “Ziyarat Sayyed Al Wazeer” Dar Al Farabi (2007).

Writer of “Educational Theater” – Drama is a Mean of Human Development (2003).

Owner of first Lebanese experience related to curriculum dramatization in many public and special schools in Sidon School’s Network.

Training ISO (Quality Management) certificate from the National Lebanese Management Institution.