Curriculum Vitae













Name:                                         Abdel-Raouf  SINNO                              
Place and date of birth:              Beirut 5.1.1948                                                                                
Nationality:                                Lebanese
Marital status:                          Married with two children
Address:                                    P.O.B.  5946/46 Mazraa, Beirut   Tel: cell. 03-955177

Fax: 01-285153                                                                                      





1) University Education   



1982                      : Ph.D. in History (Freie University of Berlin)                                      

                                       Grade: Summa Cum Laude       


1983      : Diploma in “ Higher Education and International Development “     ( Gesamthochschule  Kassel)  Grade :Excellent                               



2) Professional and academic Experiences



       2001 -….2004.          Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Lebanese University   


1983 ------                 Professor of Modern and Contemporary History                            


                                 ( Lebanese University - Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Section I

                   ( Department of History). Chair Professor since 1987.


1983------                    Memeber of the doctoral committee at the St. Joseph University   

                                Beirut - Department of History


    1984 – 1990        Pedagogical Consultant in the Hariri Foundation 


    1993 ….             Consultant for the president of the Lebanese University /

                           dealing with  the affairs of the Faculty of  Literature and                                 Humanities.


    1994 …          Member of the committee for investigating the academic status of                            the educational staff of the Lebanese University.

   1998               Member of the committee for the amendment of the curriculum of the                        Lebanese University.

  2008                   Member of the consultant Council of the DGIA (Germany).



3) Scholarships     


          -Several scholarships granted by DAAD (1976-1997)                        

            -Research scholarship granted by Alexander von Humbodt –Stiftung  1990-1991

      -Research scholarship granted by “Zentrum Moderner Orient” Berlin 1995

      -Renewed scholarship granted by Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, June –                       October 2000, and July- August 2005.

       - Renewed scholarshjip granted by Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Oct. 2006.

       - Renewed scholarship granted by Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, August-

         September 2008



4) Publications



A) Regarding German Interests in the Near East




- German Interests in Syria and Palestine . Religious Activities, Economic and                Political Influences, 1841-1898, Berlin 1982. (In German).


      - Enlarged print and translation of the “German Interests in Syria and Palestine 1842-          1902”, Beirut 1987 (In Arabic).         




- Germany and the Settling of the Jews in Palestine, in: Tarih al-  Arab  wal- Alam,                                            (Beirut), 62/63(1983-1984), pp 48-63. (In Arabic)                                                              


-  The Eastern Question and German Attitude towards the Zionist Movement, in: Al-

    Liwa, June 4th 1986 (In Arabic)


- German Policy of ‘Drang nach Osten’, in: As-Safir (Beirut), no.5236, March 25th 1989

   (In Arabic).


- Bismarck and the Eastern Question , in: As-Safir (Beirut), no. 5237, March 27th

   1989. (In Arabic).


-  Germany and the Policy of Maintaining the Ottoman Empire, in: As-Safir             (Beirut),  no. 5238, March 28th  1989. (In Arabic).


- German Penetration in  the Arab East, in: Ad- Dirasat al- Islamiya (Beirut) 3(1989-                    1990), pp 229-286. (In Arabic).                                                                                         


- German Interests in Lebanon 1831-1918, in: Feuilles Universitaires , (Beirut),          2(1993), pp. 201 – 236. (In Arabic).      


- German Diplomacy and the Reviving of  Pan- Islamic Sentiments Between Turkey                              and Morocco 1870 – 1890, in: Annales du Department des Lettres  Arabes     (Universite St.-Joseph (Beirut), 6 A (1991/1992), pp. 123 – 155. (In Arabic).                                  

- German Imperialism in East Africa. Islam as a Colonial Instrument for German Penetration, in: Wageh Atek/Wolfgang Schwanitz Eds. Ägypten    und Deutschland im 19. Und 20 Jahrhundert im Spiegel von Archiven, Cairo 1998,  pp. 7 – 37. (In Arabic/   German)


- Islam and Arab Nationalism in the Publications of the German Orientalist Fritz             Steppat,  in: an-Nahar (Beirut), Sept. 6/7 1996. (In Arabic).


- Islam and Arab Nationalism in the Publications of the German Orientalist Fritz               Steppat. Republished in: Tarikh al- Arab wal- Alam, Part I. 169 (1997), pp. 42-55;      Part II. 170 (1997), pp. 49-61. (In Arabic).


- Bismarck’s Policy in East Africa, in: Ilias Qattar/Ahmad Hoteit Eds. Historical            Research, Beirut 1998, pp. 203 – 232. (In Arabic)


- Egypt and Germany during the 19th and 20th Century, in: As Safir, Part I. Dec. 18,         1998; Part II 19. Dec. 1998..(In Arabic).


- The Journey of the German Emperor William II to the East (1898) as Reflected               in Contemporary Arab Journalism, in: Angelika Neuwirth/Helene                      Sader/Thomas Scheffler eds. Baalbek: Image and Monument, 1898-1998,            Beirut 1998, pp.115-133. (In English).


- The Journey of Emperor William II. to Lebanon 1898, in: XXI Festival International   de Baalbeck 1998, pp. 82 – 89. (In Arabic).


- Lebanon as a Conflict field between the Two German States, in: Al-Hayat, June 3rd

  1997  (In Arabic).


- Hallstein Doctrine and the Conflict of the Two German States in Lebanon 1953 –     1972, in: Grand Liban 1920 – 1996, Beirut 1999, pp. 331 – 399. (In Arabic)


- The Diplomatic Crisis between Cairo and Bonn 1965: The Role of Israel and       German Democratic Republic, in: Europe and the Near East 1920 – 1973, Beirut 1999, pp. 351 –393. (In Arabic)                                                                                                     

 - Der Konflikt der beiden deutschen Staaten im Libanon während des Kalten

       Krieges 1953-1973, in: Beiruter Blätter 6-7(1998/1999, pp.144-148.(In German).


The Year 1905: When the German Emperor had to convert to Islam. Islamic          Political Thought at the Beginning of the 20th Century, in: al- Igtihad                  (Beirut), 45 (2000),  pp. 140 – 183 (In Arabic).


German publication on the Ideology of Hizballah and his political and social Experience in Libanon (Book review “ Stefan Rosiny, Islamismus bei den Schitten im Libanon, Berlin 1996”, in:  Al-Hayat March 20th 2001 (In Arabic).



When the German Emperor and the Mikado of Japan had to convert to Islam. Islamic Thought at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century, in: Beiruter Blätter (Beirut), 50 years Jubilee of the German Orient Institute, Beirut 2002 (In German).


The Integration of Ethnic Minorities: The Lebanese Refugees in Berlin (Book review 


“Ralph Ghadban, Die Libanon – Flüchtlinge in Berlin, Berlin 2000”, in: Nawafiz Jan. 27th 2002 (In Arabic).



Islam in German 1st. World War Propaganda, in:A. Hoteit/ A. Makhzoum eds. Historical researches granted to Munir Ismail, Beirut 2002, pp.  179-254 (In Arabic).


Germany, Islam and Ottoman Empire 1885-1918. Strategical Alliance or National Interests? In: Dirasat Aminyya (12(2002), pp. 48 – 76 (In Arabic).


Just some months Before he left: Gerhard Höpp – Arabs Victims of Nazi-Germany, in: As- Safir, Jan. 1st 2004 (In Arabic).


Germany and the Middle East 1871-1945, ed. By Wolfgang Schwanitz 2004. Book review  in: An-Nahar 30th Oct. 2005 (In Arabic).



The Boxer revolt in China 1899-1901: An Attempt to get use of the Influence of Sultan Abdulhamid II of Turkey as Caliph, in: Historical Researchs granted to Nicloas Ziyadeh (In print).



B) Other Publications in German Language


- Pan - Slawismus und Pan - Orthodoxie als Instrumente der russischen Politik im         Osmanischen Reich “, in : Die Welt des Islams  XXVII (1988), pp 537-560 .                            



Libanon heute, Co-editor with Rainer Zimmer-Winkel, Berlin Verlag

              Aphorism (In market July 2000).                           



- The Lebanese Civil War. Stations of suicide? In: Abdel-Raouf Sinno/Rainer                Zimmer- Winkel Eds. Libanon heute, Aphorism Berlin (In market July 2000).

        (In German).


-   The Lebanese Society during Civil-War: Changing of Conditions and

     Living Standard, in: Abdel-Raouf Sinno/Rainer Zimmer- Winkel Eds. Libanon        heute, Aphorism Berlin (In market July 2000).(In German).


- Noch keine Verschmelzung,  sondern zerbrechliche Koexistenz. Der Libanon zu Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts. In: Dokumentationsbrief 1/2003, Libanon: Brürche und Aufbrüche in einer multireligiösen Gesellschaft. Tagung vom 25.-27.10.2002, pp. 11-20.



C)  Publications in print


- German Trade with the East: Perspectives and Obstacles. From the Beginning of the    Modern Ages until the Occupation of Algeria  through France.


- DDR Palestine Policy: 1953 – 1964.



D) Publications in other areas of interests




- Islam and Nationality in the Ottoman Empire 1877-1881 (Bilad as-Sham,                Hijaz, Kurdistan, Albania), Beirut 1998 (In Arabic).


- Libanon heute, Co-editor with Rainer Zimmer-Winkel, Aphorism, Trier 2000.


Co - Author, National Atlas of the United Arab Emirates, Al/ Ain 1994, Plates 24- - Foreign Influence in the Arab Gulf 1500- 1980 ) (In English).                                    

- Modern and Contemporary History of the Arab World, Geo-Projects                         Beirut/Bahrain 1994.                                                                                                         


- Modern and Contemporary History of the  Arab Gulf, Geo-Projects Beirut/Bahrain        1994.  


Co- author, The Great Battles in History, (Historical and Military Atlas)  Geo-            Projects Beirut ( In print).

Germany and Islam in the 19th and 20th Century, Beirut 2007. (In Arabic)

The Lebanese War: Breakdown of the Lebanese State and Society, 2 vols., Beirut 2008. (In Arabic).





- Pan - Slawismus und Pan - Orthodoxie als Instrumente der russischen Politik im         Osmanischen Reich “, in : Die Welt des Islams  XXVII (1988), pp 537-560 .                          

                (In German).   


-  Russian Policy in its Drive towards the Mediterranean, in: Tarih - al-  Arab wal-       Alam, (Beirut), 73/74 (1984), pp 48- 62. (In Arabic).                                                  


- Russia and the Partition of the Ottoman Empire,  in: Tarih al- Arab  wal- Alam                         (Beirut), 75/76(1985), pp 34-47. (In Arabic).                                                                          

              -   The Crimean War 1853-1856, in: Tarih al - Arab wal-  Alam(Beirut),                                                      77/78(1985), pp 1-22. (In Arabic).                                                                                 


- The Black Sea Issue and the Balkan Crisis, in: Tarih al-  Arab  wal-  Alam (Beirut               (79/80(1985), p 2-26. (In Arabic).                                                                                    


- Pan- Orthodoxy and Pan- Slavism and their Influence upon Russian Policy towards the Ottoman Empire “, in: Annales (Journal of the St. Joseph University/Beirut ), 3(1984-1985), pp 11-31. (In Arabic)                                                                                                


- Polders Projects in the Netherlands, in : Az- Zamil (Journal of the Beirut Arab University) 4(1992), pp 26-29. (In Arabic).                                                                       


- Election Slogans of Beirut 1992, in: An-Nahar (Beirut), Three Parts:  29.9. 1992; 30.9  1.10. 1992. (In Arabic).                                                                                                     


- Development of Islamic Trends in the Ottoman Empire ( From the Tanzimat Until      the End of  Reign of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II), in: Al- Minhaaj (Beirut)                           Part I. 4(1996),108- 149; Part II. 5(1997) pp 85-131. (In Arabic).                                     


- Adel Ismail in his Encyclopaedia “ International Politics in the Arab East, 1453 –      1939,” in: Adel Ismail, the Historian, Scholar and Diplomat, Beirut 1997, pp.          170-193. (In Arabic).                                                                                                           


- Britain’s Treaties and Conventions with the Arab Gulf Emirates (1798 – 1916):        Chapters of Hegemony and fragmentation, in: Tarih al – Arab wal- Alam (Beirut),    Part I. 174     (1998), pp. 40- 60; Part II. 175 (1998), pp. 22 – 39; Part III. 176         (1998), pp. 58 – 78.

    (In Arabic).


- Politics and Ideology in Russia against the Ottoman Empire, in: Russia and the           Orthodox  of the East, University of Balamand 1998, pp. 233 – 285. (In Arabic).


- Lebanese Society during the Civil-War 1975 – 1990, in: Ad- Diyar Oct. 15th  18th,       20th  22th, 24th  1999. (In Arabic).


- Lebanese Migration during the Civil War 1975 –1990, in: al- Mustaqbal 27th Nov.

     1999. (In Arabic).   


- The Lebanese Civil War. Stations of suicide? In: Abdel-Raouf Sinno/Rainer                Zimmer- Winkel Eds. Libanon heute, Aphorism Berlin (In market July 2000).

        (In German).


-   The Lebanese Society during Civil-War: Changing of Conditions and

     Living Standard, in: Abdel-Raouf Sinno/Rainer Zimmer- Winkel Eds. Libanon        heute, Aphorism Berlin (In market July 2000).(In German).




6) Participation in congresses/conferences (The last four years).


- German Orientalism: History and Reality (Tripoli 17.-18 May 1996) Organized by     the Lebanese University. Title of the address: The German Orientalist Fritz Steppat.


- Conference Egypt and Germany in the 19th and 20th century ( Cairo 19-21 November   1996) Organized by the Ministry for Culture in Egypt and the DAAD. Lecture given   on German Colonial Policy in East Africa.


- Grand Liban 1920 – 1996 ( Beirut 12- 14 May 1997). Organized by the Lebanese      University. Address given: Hallstein Doctrine and the Conflict of the two German     States in Lebanon 1953 - 1972: Lebanon as a Case Study.


-   Russia and the Orthodox of the East (Balamand University 19 – 22 October 1997).

    Organized by the Balamand University.  Lecture given: Politics and Ideology in        Russia against the Ottoman Empire.


- Anniversary Meeting for Prof. Dr. Omar Farrukh ( Makassed College/Beirut Arab     University 17 – 18 Dec. 1997).  Address on New Trends in Contemporary              Orientalism.


- Europe and the Near East 1920 – 1973 ( Lebanese University 26-28 April  1998).      Address given: Break off the Diplomatic Relation between Cairo and Bonn 1965:     The Role of Israel’s and the German Democratic Republic.


- Debate at al-Liwa newspaper concerning the Trail of Roger Garoudi in France         (Beirut 27, 28 Jan. 1998).


Conference on History of Lebanese Popular Representation ( Lebanese University      1-3 May 2000). Address given: Election Slogans of 1996.

The Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean World. Congress held by the University of Rabat (King Mohammad V),  June 2002.


Forum …. So soll der Libanon fruchbares Land werden. Christen im Libanon – Probleme und Perspektiven.Tagung der Ev. Akademie Hofgeismar 13-15 Okt 2006, Hofgeismar Protokolle 345, Evangelische Akademie, Hofgeismar 2007 Paper presented: “Is Lebanon going to break down?”, pp.25-45.


„The War revisited: Attempt to compare the factors of out breaking the war 1975-1990 and the actual situation”. Lecture given at the center for Near und Middle East studies, Marburg University, 17. Sept. 2008.