Development is a societal operation having man as its pivot.

Development of human resources in an economy built on knowledge.

Building an economy based on knowledge.

Organizing informations as a means for the transfer of knowledge.

Education and development of human resources:


Building a developed, self-operating, technical and scientific base.

Reforming education in all its stages and linking it to the developmentís needs.

Working toward elimination of illiteracy and encouraging adult education.

Ensuring the adequate environment for a continuous social culture development.

Planning the work force:

A Youth

The working woman role in field work.


Administrative reform and development.

Development and the environment.

Development and the energy and water policy.

Freedom and limiting poverty and vagrancy.

Development, information and participation

Rural and agricultural development

Development and health




Mother and child health

Social security


Development, society and the family


†Sustained human development, its management and planning:

Investment in the intellectual capital

Directing change

Importance of education and vocational training in human development programs

Training and improvement of skills

Motivating human resources and their sponsorship

The Labor Market