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Text Box: General(R)  Fadel Daher          P.H.D. In Criminology


Date of birth: May 15, 1951

Marital Status: Married

Citizenship: Lebanese & French




Ph.D in Criminal Sciences and Sentencing: Lebanese University, 1991.

High Studies Diploma in Criminology and Criminal Sciences: University Paris 5-Sorbonne- RENE DESCARTES, 1981.

Master Degree in Juristic Social Sciences: Lebanese University, 1980.

License in Social Sciences: Lebanese University, 1979.

Diploma in Criminology: University Paris 2-Sorbonne, Faculty of Law, 1979.

Diploma of High Specialization at the Gendarmerie: Military Academy in MELUN-France, 1978.

Certificate of Aptitude: Military Academy (Officers’ College), Infantry Specialization, 1974 Lebanon.

Teaching Diploma: Teachers’ Training College, 1970 Lebanon.




Arabic, French,& English.




University Professor since 1998 (Lebanese University)

 Assistant Professor at the Lebanese University (since 1992) for students of high studies diploma, teaching the following subject:

Methodology of socio-criminal research.

Conferences, seminars and oriented work in criminology (socio-juristic approach).

Social psychology: “Socio-psychological and pathological Delinquency”.

Supervision of numerous Ph.D, Masters, and Diploma thesis in specializations related to criminology, (such as juristic social sciences, social psychology, criminal code, and penal, criminal and social legislations).

Teaching: “Tourism Industry, and Sustained Continuous Development” and “Tourism Security” consecutively to the students of high studies Diploma and the fourth academic university year at the Islamic University of Beirut.

Teaching and supervising the training of “Maintien de L’ordre” at the Lebanese Army Academy (Officers College).



Teaching the subject: “Methodology of Scientific Research” for the officers who are candidates for promotion to the “Major” degree (commander officers category).

Teaching the subject: Criminology in the sessions held for graduate officers from the Lebanese Military Academy and the officers licensed in Law.

Visiting professor at numerous universities and research centers in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.




Chairman of the Committee of History Writing of the Interior Security Forces and the Committee of Security Museum Foundation (2005-2008).

Consultant of the Lebanese Interior and municipality’s minster for the Arab and international affairs (2001-2004).

Member of the board of administrators of Nayef Arab University for Security Sciences- NASSU (Scientific Branch of the Arab Ministers of Interior Council) (2001-2007).

Associate Secretary General of the Arab Interior Ministers Council- AIMC (1998-2001).

Secretary of the Central Interior Security Council at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior (1993-1998).

Commander of the National office of Gambling Fighting in Lebanon (Judicial Police) (1991-1993).

Head of the Intelligence and Investigation Bureau in the Cadre of Security of Embassies, Public Administrations, and Legislative Institutions (1987-1991).

Leadership of the Judicial Police (Chief of the Regional investigations in South Lebanon) (1983-1987).

Internal Security Forces Institute: Commander of the Sessions of Specialized Officers and the Sessions of graduating officers from the Military School (1982-1983).

Beirut Police: Chief of Mina El Hosn, Zakak El-Blat and Mousseitbeh stations respectively (1975-1982).

Regional Gendarmerie: Chief of Tyre Station (1971-1975).

Cadet at the Military Academy – Officer’s College, Lebanon (1971-1974).




During my work at the Ministry of interior and Municipalities, and for successive periods between 1993 and 2004, I was charged, in addition to my main duties, by many other duties, mainly:


Vice President of the committee of “Receipt of Complaints and Follow-up during the municipal and parliamentary elections and the secondary parliamentary elections in Mount Lebanon and North Lebanon.


Representative of the Ministry of Interior in the joint ministerial committee of “Fighting Children Beggary and Vagrancy”, formed according to the decision of the Prime Minister no. 50/94, dated September 24, 1994.


Representative of the Minister of Interior in the joint ministerial committee formed according to the decision of the Prime Minister no. 50/97 dated July 14, 1997, and presided by the Minister of Social Affairs to follow up the national plan for “Fighting of Children Beggary and Vagrancy”.


Representative of the Minister of Interior in the meetings of most parliamentary Committees (especially committees of human rights, administration, justice, security, defense, and works) held to discuss the draft bills pertaining to the Ministry of Interior and municipalities.


Supervisor of all procedures of naturalization decree implementation (no. 5247/94) according to      a decision by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities.


Member of the high committee for the review of the naturalization decree (no. 5247/94) formed      according to a decision by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities.


Chairman of the Committee of Beirut International Airport equipping (currently Rafic Harriri              International Airport) by monitoring cameras, and equipping the H.Q. of Airport Security        forces by vehicles, and wireless Communication Systems.



During my work as associate secretary general of AIMC, I used to lead the organisation’s committee of seminars and conferences launched by the G.S. of AIMC (1998-2001).

Member of the committee in charge, by the Lebanese Government, to prepare, organize and supervise the meetings of the 20th session of the Arab Interior Ministers Council held in Beirut (2002).



Leading the organisation’s committee of “tourism security conference” which was in collaboration between the Lebanese Interior Ministry and the NASSU (Beirut 2003)





Regional consultant of the UNDP – for all desk and cross studies in criminology (women and children affairs) – POGAR project.


Preparation of the comprehensive plan for the development of the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon, within the frame of the International Cooperation Conference for Organized Security Forces Development conducted by the Criminal Researches Center at the American University of Sciences and Technology (AUST), 2006.


Presentation of two lectures at Mouatah University – (Karak – Jordan), the first for the students of High Studies Diploma majoring in Law and Criminology, and the second for the students of the Military Branch at the university, concerning the Modern Views of the Police Action and the Role of Universities in Strengthening the Educational Security and Their Contribution to the Success of the Community Police.


Participation in the membership of the scientific committee of the conferences organized by NAYEF Arabic University for Security Sciences concerning contemporary and important subjects, where I presented the following researches:


The role of the United Nations on working with States on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice” (KSA – Riyadh 2004).


The Role of Arab Legislations and Regulations in Achieving Tourism Security (Lebanon – Beirut 2003).


Evaluating the Evolution of Security Information in the Arab Countries (Jordan – Amman 2003).


Preservation of the Security Fact Repot, and the Means for Its Investment and Protection (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh 2002).


Upon an invitation by the Algiers Ministry of Interior, a lecture was given at the High Academy of officers in the Capital Algiers and in Constantinople by the title: “New Millennium … New Police.


Participation as lecturer in a scientific symposium conducted by the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences in Lebanon through a lecture entitled: “The Need of Psychology in the Domain of Justice” on March 6, 1998 – Beirut”.


Participation as a lecturer in a scientific training session conducted by the Family Organization Association in Lebanon for a group of Lebanese Army Officers concerning “Drugs Combating and Treatment of Addicts”.


Participation as a lecturer at a professional scientific symposium organized by UNICEF for the officers of the Lebanese Security Forces through a presentation entitled: “The Social Function of the police in the Domains of Juveniles Protection; socio – juristic approach (November 1997 – Beirut)”.


Participation as a lecturer at the symposium organized by the Medical Care Group in Lebanon, by the title: “Addiction and Law between Fact and Text”, that was held at Beirut on November 29, 1996.


Numerous lectures at universities specialized in the subject of fighting drugs’ crimes and all what pertains thereto from organized crimes at the national and international levels. In addition to researches in this domain, for example, a thorough study in the Magazine of Lebanese National Defense by the title combating the illicit manufacture, trafficking and use of drugs in Lebanon, and Promoting  the measures to treat and prevent the addiction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.


Tens of articles and researches in connection with juristic social sciences and the pertain in general to the methods and means to apply the modern theories in criminology in all fields of security forces activities to combat and prevent terrorism, individual, and/or organized crimes (especially at the level of subalterns and superior officers).



For Example:


A thorough study published in the Arabic Magazine for Security Studies by the title “Social View of the Police Action, its Intellectual and Realistic Bases and its conditions of success”. It calls for the development of the concept of social police  function in Lebanon and the Arab countries.


A thorough study concerning “the Contribution of Universities in promoting the of Educational and cultural Security Concept, and upgrading the Police Performance” published in the Lebanese National Defense Magazine, it calls for the dissemination of educational security concept at all levels as mean of crime fighting.


A Thorough study in French concerning the Lebanese Security Forces. The International document, presented by the Francophone States Team that I headed, about the subject: “Modern Technologies and Police Ethics” is attached thereby. It involves a recommendation to enhance the police ethics and to set the stipulations of police conduct code in Lebanon.


A book published in Arabic and French in 1994 by the title: Social Defense and Crime Fighting”, that was adopted by the INTERPOL General Secretariat as a comprehensive statistical reference concerning the evaluation of crime averages in Lebanon, especially what is related to the drugs (And that according to the letter of INTERPOL Secretary General, Mr. R. Kandel, dated February 22, 1995).




Participated as a lecturer at the first international conference organized by the UNDP and the ministry of justice in Bahrain Kingdom. Where I presented a thorough study by the title “protecting of intellectual proprieties, its cultural, social, and economical fundaments” (April 13-14 2008 Manamah).


Presided the Lebanese delegation to the meetings of the joint Arab committee of experts of ministers of interior and justice councils to prepare the Arabic convention for fighting money laundry and terrorist financing.


Expert of the Arab States League at the conference held on February 16-17, 2005, in collaboration with the United Nations concerning the combating of terrorism, where I presided the Primary Work sessions and participated in the formulation and completion of the recommendations at the closing session; in addition,I presented a scientific research subject entitled: “The Relation Between the Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism, and its Effects on the Arab Security”


Member of the Experts Committee charged to study the Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001), Cairo, February 15, 2005.


Member of the Experts Committee formed within the frame of the Arab States League and Sirakosa International Institute, which completed the preparation and formulation of: “The Guiding Arab Law for Judicial Cooperation in the Penal Affairs (Sirakosa Law)”.


Presided the joint Arab Committee of the Representatives of the Ministers of Interior & Justice Councils which achieved the final form of the Arab Convention against corruption (Tunisia 2003).


Presided the joint Arab Committee of the Representatives of the Ministers of Interior & Justice Councils, charged to set an Arabic guidance project to combat the cybercrimes (Tunisia 2003).


Member of the jury at the First International Festival for the traffic security’s film “Slamat El-Mourour” (Tunisia 2000).


Presided the Committee of translating the “Arabic common Convention against Terrorism” into the French Language.


Representative of the General Secretariat of the Arab Ministers of Interior Council at the meetings of the Committee Specialized to lay down the United Nations Conventions against Transnational Organized Crimes in its: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th session which were all convened in Vienna International Center.


Representative of the General Secretariat of the Arab Ministers of Interior Council at the International Symposium Which was held in South Africa (Sun-City, September 21-25, 1998) about the new technologies for criminal research, organized crime and human rights.



Participated in the membership of the delegation of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior to the conference of the Arab Minister of Interior & Justice Ministers in Cairo, whereby the “Arabic common converters against terrorism”, was signed (1998).


Presided the delegation of Lebanon at the 19th session of the International Conference for the High Specialization of the Police Forces (China, 1997) about the subject of “Managing the International Security and the Prevention of the International Organized Crime”.


Delegate of the Ministry of Interior at the 18th session of the International Conference for the High Specialization of the Police Forces (France, 1996) about the subject of “Evolution of the Organized Crime”.


Delegate of the Ministry of Interior at the 17th session of the International Conference for the High Specialization of the Police Forces (Italy, 1995) about the subject of “Police, New Technologies and Protection of human rights and Individual Freedom”, whereby I was elected a chief to the group of delegates of the Francophone participating countries.


Delegate of the Ministry of Interior at the 16th session of the International Conference for High Specialization of the Police Forces (Lyon-France, 1994) about the subject of :”Crisis Management”.




Acquired the following legions:

National Cedars Order “rank of general officer”

Lebanese Order of Merit (3rd, 2nd. And 1st degrees).

National Unification Order.

South Dawn Order.

Wounded Order.

Worthiness Medal.

Interior Security Forces Medal.


Received many Commendations, issued consecutively, by the General Directorate of the Interior Security Forces in Lebanon and by the Headquarters of Police, Gendarmerie, Judicial Police and the Security Forces Institute.


Granted, by an exceptional decision from the Tunisian President of the Republic, the “Order of Honor” of the Tunisian Interior Security Forces (2001).


Acquired according to a presidential decree, an exceptional prescription for promotion of one year to the rank of General Brigadier (1999).