Judge Tahany Mohammad el Gebaly


Judge Tahany Mohamad el Gebaly is the first woman judge in Egypt.

She received her LL.B from Cairo University in 1973, where she also received a High Diplomas in Public Law and Islamic Shari'a.


†† Judge el-Gibaly arrived to the bench of the Supreme Court of the country, in early 2003, following almost thirty years in private practice.

She has had a distinguished career in private practice, teaching and engagement in human rights and public issues.


†† Her activities have never been confined to national level; rather she has always been active at both regional and international levels. In addition to her membership to the Council of the Egyptian Bar, the political and legislative committee of the National Council of Woman, various non-governmental human rights organizations, she also obtained the membership of the Permanent Office of the Arab Layers Union. in addition, she served as a specialized expert in human rights, family and women issues in various committees affiliated with the United Nations and the Arab League.